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1/4 of Fab Four bitch *i no its still emblem3 its a joke thats the point*


EmblemThree: I love going grocery shopping with @KeatonStromberg






twink selfies be like


he looks like a small mexican boy


2 years later, together or apart, the members are still doing their passion: music. They’re all doing what they were meant to do, and that is be somebody people can look to and listen to in times of need. Happy 2 years of Emblem3.


"Yo whaddup I’m Wes Stromberg"

If it’s one thing that I could’ve done when I was like…I’m not a teenager anymore and that fucking sucks like I’m twenty just of like a few weeks ago but it’s like I wish that I could have been more myself when I was back at school and stuff and I wish I could…you know I just wish I wasn’t scared of doing that and it’s hard, but you know it’s just such a cool thing and you’ve got your individuality and it’s the best, you know? +


5SOS in Billboard Magazine

If you know someone with a t a l e n t and a d r e a m, support them just the way you would want to be supported.

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